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ͧ Ŵͤ Ū boot

: 0549
The Perfect MAX

The Perfect MAX ѺŴͤ⿹ iPhone X/Xs/Xr/Max ͧ͡
Ҥһ 950 450
: 0548
DIY Frame

DIY ͺ🖼Ẻѹա 💰
Ҥ 259
: 0547
Octoplus Huawei Tool Dongle

Ŵͤ Ŵ FRP Ŵ͢ Huawei 2017,2018
Ҥһ 3,550 3,150

Ǵ: ǻЪѹ
ͧ: Ѿഷ MXKEY/MXBOX v3.5 revision 1.4, Public-Release

MXKEY/MXBOX v3.5 revision 1.4, Public-Release

What is new added, changes and improvements: ¹ŧ㹡Ѿഷ駹

1. introduced HTI Firmware version 00.24
ǡͧ HTI Ѿ 00.24

new in firmware:
- firmware accept SL3instant unlock activations for MXBOX
*ѹʹͧͧѺûŴͤ SL3 Ẻǹ Ҩ͡ûŴͤẺ͡
- bugfixed: BB5 security repair algorithm for RAPIDO new ASIC
*䢢ͺͧ ǹͧ security repair ͧ RAPIDO new ASIC
 - implemented WD2 and BTMCM flashing protocol
*ⵤ ͧ wd2 BTMCM
- implemented TIKU and MM(NAND) flashing protocol
*ⵤ ͧ TIKU MM

please Update HTI by using "Update HTI" button or "HTIUpdate.exe"
ôѾഷ¡ Update HTI HTIUpdate.exe Դ

2. improved: antivirus compatibility.

3. improved: daily update check routine.

4. improved: built-in downloader routine
- added: resume support
- bugfixed: handing big file size(more than 1G)

5. added: support for upcomming windows 8(windows developer preview) support.

6. added: Detailed 'LastError' message window when No Security Dongle Detected

7. added: Detailed HTI identity(boot & fw version, serial) on connect.

New Application released:

MXKEY - Fire Agent(fire.exe)
it's brand new support tool and firmwares download support client

1. Using shared configuration with corresponding module,
simplify the needs to download/update firmware file.

2. Working in sync mode with modules for better usage.

3. using built-in downloader with resume support.

Supported services:

1. Nokia firmware, along with latest firmware notification info

2. CDMA firmware, various vendor(Alcatel, Haier, Huawei, LG, Nokia, ZTE)

3. more services to be added at the future

Nokia Tool

- important informations (Asic ID, ROOT KEY HASH, UEM Imei) now highlighted (beginner friendly).

- added: BB5 security repair function for RAPUv2 phones (beta testing)

- added: Verify Secure Data at 'Read SL3 Hash'/'Read Phone IDs',
(used to verify if secure data readed from the phone is valid to make sure
the hash readed by software(both USB/FBUS) is 100% correct)

- added: "Fire Support" menu in module`s options.

- added: support to load variant definitions created by fire.exe

- added: Spesified window dialog when card is busy/used by other module to fire.exe, sl3u.exe.

- added: support to convert log to other third party format to SL3BF module (sl3u.exe)

- added: new definition to 'phoneIdentity.ini.default'

- added: flash loader version to setup

- added: RPL backup list load at scan (used for "Write Rpl' with 'Use RPL file' ticked)

- added: PM backup list load at scan

- improved: module initialization.

- improved: 'phone definitions loading' at first load.

- improved: 'HTI Auto BSI(SoftTMA)' set.

- improved: file/image version check routine.

- improved: Reboot after flash mode

- improved: WD2 flashing with HTI

- bugfixed: BTMCM flashing bug with HTI

- bugfixed: No Security Dongle Detected when HTI connected with phone
(HTI power switched off on load)

- bugfixed: RAPIDO New Asic security repair function


- added: "Fire Support" menu in module`s options.

ѺѾഷ HTI ӵ鹵͹ Դº¡͹ ѧͧͧ͡


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